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Wildys World EP Review

Wildy's World says...
 "The Zac Mac Band has taken Boston, and now they’re ready to take on the world."

"McIntyre has a very enjoyable voice. The songs on Under The Radar have a much laid back, nearly repressed mellow sound (think Barenaked Ladies’ Maybe You Should Drive album for comparison). McIntyre writes serious songs, but is not afraid to weave humor into the fabric of a song where appropriate."

"MySpace Heartbreak hits both serious and ironic notes in a New Wave/Pop tune about Post-relationship neurosis in a digital age. Highest Level is a treat for the ears; a modern mellow rock tune with a chorus worthy of Alan Parsons."

"15 Songs On The Radio... is an inspired bit of writing. McIntyre takes us inside his head and the struggle to keep striving for your dreams when the possibilities are so limited (“So many other bands / they’ve got the same plans / and there’s only 15 songs on the radio.”) Anyone who has ever tried to make it in the music industry, or even stood in front of a mirror, air guitar in hand and wished will appreciate the sentiments here."

"The Zac Mac Band has a future. Don’t be surprised if these guys are household names down the line."

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Juniors Cave Interview

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Zac Mac Band's music is full of raw energy that will have you tapping your feet and moving your head. The band moved to Massachusetts to enjoy the music scene in that area and through their tenacious work ethic has landed a record contract. Check out this recent interview with the band. Enjoy!

Isaac: How do you sum up 2008 for the Zac Mac Band?

All: Practice and repeat. We formed in early 2008 via craigslist and we spent most of the year honing our craft and developing our songs. By September, we were gigging regularly. We ended the year on a high note, signing a record deal with Night Train Records in Westford, MA. All the practicing paid off!

Isaac: Describe the music scene in your area (Massachusetts).

All: There are thousands of amazing musicians in this state and that's why I moved here from Maine a little over a year ago. In Maine, I wasn't finding the right musicians to collaborate with. There are just fewer people and the music scene is much smaller, though Portland does have a very excellent music scene now. I knew that it was mathematically probable that I would find the right pieces for a great band, just knowing how many musicians there are down here and how great the music scene is, especially in Boston. We played a lot of dives at first, but recently we have started getting some pretty sweet gigs. This past winter we played Cask n' Flagon, Johnny D's and Bill's Bar.

Isaac: What do you feel was your biggest accomplishment for 2008?

Zac Mac: Signing the record deal was a big step for us. We now have a great manager who is constantly working hard for us to help spread the word about ZMB. In addition to that, we also have unlimited free studio time, which really allows us to take our time and not feel the pressure of the clock when recording our songs.

Isaac: Elaborate a little about whom were your biggest influences in the music industry and why?

Zac Mac: Coldplay is probably my biggest influence. I love their songwriting. I love their sound. Chris Cornell is also a huge inspiration of mine.

Jeff: The Cure, rocking groove bass great catchy songs. Dave Mathews.

Isaac: Let's talk about what you feel you will bring to the music industry?

Zac Mac: I feel that our sound is unique and that our music is powerful. I try to write honest songs with a positive message.

Isaac: If you had an opportunity to work with one artist or group, who would it be and why?

Zac Mac: I would love to collaborate with Chris Martin of course. Who wouldn't want to collaborate with their biggest influence?

Jeff: Dave Mathews would be pretty cool.

Isaac: How would you describe your music to others?

Zac Mac: I would say that our music is incredibly heavy soft rock. We are the warlords of soft rock and we will rock you…. (Softly). Seriously though, I would say that we are a melodic alternative rock band.

Isaac: What is your definition for Rock Music?

Zac Mac: Rock Music - Socially cool and sometimes rebellious popular music with an edge.

Isaac: What type of feedback have you received from your previous releases?

Zac Mac: I've recorded several demos in the past, but nothing has been officially released until now. It is certainly an exciting time for us.

Isaac: What has been the inspiration behind your debut 5 songs EP "Under the Radar" released in March 2009?

Zac Mac: "Myspace Heartbreak" was a band creation inspired by online communities. The song is pretty self explanatory, outlining the conveniences and subsequent inconveniences about knowing everything about your lover on MySpace and Facebook. "Loaded Gun" is also very self explanatory. It's the story of a man that brought a gun into a bar and open fired. "15 Songs on the Radio" is quite autobiographical, telling the story of working a tiring day job, while wishing I could be a Rockstar full time. The song also talks about how hard it is to get into the 15 song rotation that is corporate radio. "Roll Me Over" and "Highest Level" are love songs that I actually wrote many years ago and they have been on the shelf for a while. The band resurrected them and we built them into powerful songs.

Isaac: What can fans expect from your full album, you are working on currently? What is the inspiration behind the CD?

Zac Mac: A great mix of songs. There are uplifting songs, sad songs, dark songs and even a funny song about a 'Cougar.' We tried to put a nice range of songs on this album and I'm pretty happy with how it is sounding. I can't wait for people to hear it.

The inspiration comes from my life experiences. I also sometimes write from other people's perspectives, which really allows me to open my mind up to what other people are going through.

Isaac: Where can fans locate you at online?

Zac Mac:

Isaac: What can fans expect from The Zac Mac Band in 2009?

Zac Mac: Fans can expect a great first album, lots of great shows and we'd even like to get a second album in the works. We already have enough songs for the second album and we would like to begin recording it as soon as we finish the first one!

Isaac: Time for some shout outs to your family, friends, and fans…

Zac Mac: I'd like to thank my family for putting up with the entire racket over the years. I used to drive my parents crazy, but it was worth it! Secondly, I'd like to give a shout out to my friends and fans that have come out to see us play. We truly appreciate your continued support!

Isaac: Final words from The Zac Mac Band…

Zac Mac: Check us out online at You can stream many of our songs from this website and if you join our fanlist; we'll give you a free mp3! I hope you like what you hear!

FooManChoo Reviews

 The Bitter Truth - FooManChoo Reviews of "MySpace Heartbreak" - click here for full review

"Foo doesn't have much on the audio here - these guys got themselves on an indie label (Night Train Records) and it's all pretty top shelf. Even the snare drum seems to have been tuned to the song...  Love the harmonies, wish there were more of that throughout everything they do. Foo's a reverb freak so he has to tell you again how much he likes the lead guitar style, it just floats and weaves it way through everything - very nice, especially for some music that's um...pop. Good looks, great sound - keep it up guys, Foo thinks there's a nice future in the record business for ya!"

Lowell Sun

Zac Mac Band born in meet-up
By Ed Hannan, Lowell Sun Correspondent
Updated: 01/22/2009 06:41:54 AM EST

This is the story of a Chelmsford High School math teacher who spends his free time as a singer/songwriter. When that teacher/singer/songwriter, Zac MacIntyre, moved to Massachusetts with the goal of starting a band, he went on Craigslist in search of bandmates.
Enter drummer Justin Casanave from Manchester, N.H., and bass player Jeff Bates, who grew up in Townsend and now lives in Billerica. Casanave and Bates were in a band called Soul Taxi that broke up in November 2007.
"They were looking for a singer/songwriter to join up with and they happened to see one of my posts," MacIntyre says. "We had a jam session and everything just clicked."
That was last February. The trio hooked up with lead guitarist Ben Dwyer late last summer after Dwyer saw their posting on Craigslist.
"They were looking for a guitarist with a similar style as mine, so I decided to check them out," says Dwyer, a Nashua native. "Needless to say, I'm glad I did."
The result of all these Craigslist encounters ("I highly recommend it to anyone that's looking to start a band," MacIntyre says.) was the Zac Mac Band. The band's Web site lists influences such as Snow Patrol, Coldplay, and The Killers, along with Audioslave, Chris Cornell, Eric Johnson, and Mars Volta. "If everyone had the exact same influences, I don't think we would feed off each other as much as we do," MacIntyre says.
In concert, you're likely to hear Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me," Radiohead's
"Creep," or any number of originals. But MacIntyre is quick to point out that their set lists vary from show to show.
"One thing that separates us, especially from local live music, is that we aren't a death metal band and we aren't a jam band. There's nothing wrong with either of those, I love them both, but I think our style is more approachable by a larger audience," Bates says.
At this point, the Zac Mac Band has logged about a dozen shows, but hopes to have an EP finished sometime in March with a full length album to follow by the summer. "We are trying to find a balance between gigging and recording so that we can get ourselves the exposure that we need and also constantly release new material," MacIntyre says, noting that the band has signed with Night Train Records.
Your next chance to see the Zac Mac Band is tomorrow night at Johnny D's in Somerville. In the meantime, you can check out their Web site ( or their Facebook page.
"The blogs, Facebook, and MySpace are all great venues to introduce ourselves. Hopefully, the listeners like the sound and want to come see us perform live," Bates says.