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Band Bio

The Zac Mac Band is a Boston based alternative rock band with 3 full length albums under their belt. Their music is somewhere between Weezer and Snow Patrol, with a taste of Tom Petty.  Since 2010, their music has appeared on MTV's "16 & Pregnant," HGTV's "Flea Market Flip," Australia's "The Project," Australia's "The Bachelor" and the Warner Bros. Film "Lady of the Dark."  ZMB's new album "On The Inside" was just released and is available now!  

Band Members

Zac McIntyre (Vocals, Piano, Guitar) - The first thing you notice about Zac Mac when you meet him is that he’s really tall – 6’ 10” in fact. Once you get to know him though, you realize that he’s about as down to earth as they get. Twice a finalist in the Great American Songwriting Contest, he’s an experienced and prolific songwriter, having written over 500 songs. Originally from Maine, Zac moved to Massachusetts in the fall of 2007. He soon formed ZMB and has been gigging all over New England since the summer of 2008.  
Jeff Bates (Bass) - Jeff is a veteran bassist, having played with Furious Norm, Ariel Suite & Soul Taxi. He helps create the infectious grooves that can grab an audience's attention or blend into the background and be the backbone of the song. When he’s not playing bass, he’s studying Uechi Ryu karate or writing software for scientists to analyze biological & chemical data.
Jim Ramsay (Guitar, Vocals) - Hailing from Saskatchewan, Jim learned guitar on a glacier in that vast northern wilderness otherwise known as Canada. His playing was on fire, or global warming kicked in, but either way the glacier melted and carried him down to the states where he soon met up with the rest of the boys in ZMB. A veteran guitarist and singer, Jim joined ZMB in the fall of 2010, adding a Ben Folds style vocal and Weezer style guitar playing to the group.
  Bret Schermerhorn (Drums, Percussion) - Bret Schermerhorn joined ZMB in the fall of 2012.  His name is hard to pronounce and he is currently seeking a good Rock N' Roll nickname.  He has considered performing in horns and is heavily influenced by the work of Steve Moore.  When Bret isn't laying down ill beats or tattoing bass clefs on his forearm, he enjoys short walks on the beach and bonfire lit dinners.  
Eric Giribaldi (Guitar, Vocals)Eric Giribaldi got his degree in Guitar Performance from UMass Lowell.  He has played in various groups spanning multiple styles of music, from country to jazz and everything in between. He has done multiple radio appearances and performances across the country.  Recording credits include multiple original music projects and has worked with producer James Stroud and engineer Julian King.  Eric is no stranger to the importance of music education, having studied with Ben Goldbaum in Haverhill MA, and Boston area jazz legend Jon Wheatley.  He teaches in multiple locations throughout greater Boston and southern New Hampshire.

Former Members

ZMB has changed over the years.  Our first gig was as a 3-piece, then we became a 4-piece and currently we are a 5-piece.  We'll probably add a horn section and backup singers soon.  We'd like to thank all former members and wish them well in their current and future projects.  Former members include: Ben Dwyer, Frank Hegyi, Justin Casanave, Ryan Axford, Jay Fairley, and Nick Leoleis.