Pre-order "On The Inside"

Pre-order "On The Inside"

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ZMB's new album, which comes out on 3/14/15!! Featuring 13 brand new songs! Order it now and also receive an exclusive unreleased song "The Key." CDs will ship as soon as they are available!

ZMB's Down Under Again!

We just learned that "Geesefeeder" and "Ride That River" are being played on Australian TV!  Cheers mates!!

Australia's "Bachelor"

We have just learned that "Highest Level" aired on an episode of Australian TV's "The Bachelor"!!!  We hope that 'love can take him to the highest level.."

"Oh No" on MTV!!


We just learned that our song "Oh No" was featured on MTV's "16 & Pregnant."  The song played for over a minute on last season's episode "Devon."  Thanks MTV!!

New Album: "On The Inside"



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Supercuts: Rock the Cut!!

We are excited to announce that we have
been selected as a Supercuts "Rock the Cut"
artist.  Our song "Settling" be will be playing
in Supercuts nationwide!  



Hello everyone!

Our new album "On The Inside" will be released on Pi Day 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 am, with the date and time representing
the first 10 digits of π.  We are very proud of this album which contains 13 songs that we've spent countless hours
in the studio on!  Anyone purchasing the album in the first 60 days via our website, will receive a free song.  The free
song is "The Key" and it's an unplugged song with just piano, vocal and strings.  Our Producer/Talent Agent Jimi Zimmardi
describes it as "the first dance song at your wedding."  Thanks in advance to those who purchase a copy of the cd!!
We appreciate your support!


Australia's "The Project"

We just learned that our songs "Hellhole, MA" & "Don't Believe in Rumors" were played on the Australian TV show "The Project."  We love you Australia!!